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Personal Training with Creativity

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I have always led a very active lifestyle and have always felt happiest when being active.

I have a very creative background in art/ fashion, which has led me to be open minded and imaginative in creating personal programs for my clients. Not only does this achieve the goals my clients desire, but it allows them to enjoy the journey and feel happier in themselves.

Before starting up as a personal trainer I became an exercise to music instructor, which I greatly enjoy. The energy and enthusiastic approach I have has always been remarked upon. Indeed, I believe life is for living and what better way than installing confidence in others to achieve anything they try.

Shortly after this I also took my tennis skills and knowledge further and became a level 2 tennis coach. This really helped me get into the mindset for types of training and techniques that are needed for sport specific training. Indeed, I still believe the speed ladder is an invaluable piece of equipment.

It soon became very obvious that training people to achieve their individual goals was my destiny.

Helping You Look Great and Feel Great

Once I qualified as a personal trainer, I decided to take my studies further and study special populations more deeply. This involved looking into neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and stroke victims along with the older population. This really helped get an insight into the delicate creative form of rehabilitation of the human body and mind.

Shortly after this I began to work as a freelance trainer at a David Lloyd. During my time there I trained many types of clients. However, the turning point for me was when one of the ladies in a group personal training session I was taking, asked me if I would train her daughter at home as she lacked self esteem.

As a human being and a personal trainer I couldn’t have been happier with the results of training the lady’s daughter. Not only did her environment of choice make her feel a lot more comfortable but it allowed her gain a new positive outlook on life. Indeed, new items of clothing were discussed as well as new ways of looking at her diet. She began to walk taller and become happy about who she is. For me this is what personal training is about. Since then I have been told I have made a huge, if not life changing. impact on my clients’ lives. Its all about believing that the dream can happen.